Research Laboratory at the University of Utah

Brooke Stanislawski

Masters Student

Research Interests

Fluid Mechanics | Atmospheric sciences | Turbulence | Atmospheric Boundary Layer | Solar Farm atmosphere interaction | Large Eddy Simulations | Aerodynamics


Born in Southern California, I moved to Evanston, IL to attend Northwestern University for a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. As an undergraduate, I worked with Engineers for a Sustainable World in small-scale wind energy projects that combined my interests in sustainable development and technical design. After graduation, I entered into an Engineering Development Program with Siemens Energy where I completed a rotation in large-scale wind and worked in gas turbine casings design for the following 3.5 years.

Contact informations

University of Utah, Department of Mechanical Engineering
1495E 100S, 1550 MEK, Salt Lake City, Utah 84112

Office: Building 60, room 260