Research Laboratory at the University of Utah

Yohhan Karkera


Master’s Student

Research Interests

Structural Engineering | Structural Designing of Concrete and Steel Structures | Wind and Structures | Finite Element Modelling


I’m a graduate at the University of Utah pursuing my Master’s in Civil and Environmental Engineering with an emphasis in structures.
My research currently focuses on production of a characteristic box for a wind farm in LES to study a characteristic wake/flow around a wind turbine in a wind farm. Using this tool, different aspects like turbulence, flow characteristics, TKE and MKE budgets can be studied.
I’m also looking into a way to use LES wind data and study structural aspects of the wind turbine tower using a finite element tool. LES data can be later used to study new designs for more taller and efficient wind turbines.

Contact informations

Address: The University of Utah, Department of Mechanical Engineering
1495E 100S, 1550 MEK, Salt Lake City, Utah 84112

Office: Building 60, room 260
Phone: (801) 585-0947
Lab: 2285 MEK